The Wine Regions Event is a new wine promotion event in Amsterdam focusing on wine regions & small upcoming countries.

Wine regions from all over the world will be able to showcase their wines and philosophy to the Dutch wine professionals. We expect at least 16 regions from Europe and the new world to register.

We offer an outstanding venue in Amsterdam with separate tasting areas. There will be a combination of small stands where there is a minimum of three wine producers per wine region and extended stands where there are more than 12 wine producers per wine region. We offer enough space for workshops, meetings and wine pairings.

We expect 300 to 500 visitors, which are all wine professionals from the Netherlands including retailers, importers, sommeliers, press and bloggers.

Event date will be March 14th 2018, which is 3 days before Prowein in Dusseldorf starts. A perfect chance for wine regions to combine both events and meet the Dutch wine professional.



The event is a joint effort of Pitch PR, (according to Meininger’s Wine Magazine “The most significant PR agency in the Netherlands”) and Perswijn; the leading Dutch magazine for wine enthusiasts and professionals.

Wine Regions Event provides 3 possibilities for participants: basic, extended or tailor made. Every participant represents and communicates one wine region, with a minimum of 3 different producers/domaines within that region. This event is not suitable for single producers, so they have to unite to represent one appellation of one region.

Contact us for more information or tailor made proposal.

Deadline for registration: February 1st, 2018



10.00 hrs

10.30 hrs
General briefing “The Dutch wine buying landscape”

11.00 hrs
Opening for wine professionals

11.30 hrs
Starting tastings and workshops, max. 45 minutes

17.00 hrs
End of professional session

19.00 hrs
Optional for consumer visitors

Workshops possibilities in separate rooms:
Vertical tastings, workshop by winemaker or Master of Wine, Food pairings, Local (top) chef demo with wine pairing or any other…


The Amstel Boathouse distinguishes itself as a high class contemporary event centre with many possibilities in different spaces, the convenient access and the ideal location. Uniquely situated on the river the Amstel, this pearl surely lies just outside of the busyness of the city centre.

The venue is 15 minutes from centre Amsterdam, offering parking facilities and easy access from main highways. Seven different but large event and tasting rooms with a maximum of 1000 persons.



wineregionsevent.com is initiated by:

Pitch Communications & PR

Perswijn Magazine
Cas Oorthuyskade 196
1087 DP Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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