The Wine Regions Event is a new wine promotion event in Amsterdam focusing on wine regions & small upcoming countries.

Wine regions from all over the world are able to showcase their wines and philosophy to the Dutch wine professionals.

This years venue is Amstel Boathouse Amsterdam. This outstanding venue offers different areas where you will find a combination of small stands where there is a minimum of 3 wine producers per wine region and extended stands where there are more than 12 wine producers per wine region. We offer a different area for workshops and the meeting area.

We already have more than 500 visitors subscribed, which are all wine professionals from the Netherlands including retailers, importers, sommeliers, press and bloggers.

Event date will be March 14th 2018, which is 3 days before Prowein in Dusseldorf starts. A perfect chance for wine regions to combine both events and meet the Dutch wine professional.



The event is a joint effort of Pitch PR, (according to Meininger’s Wine Magazine “The most significant PR agency in the Netherlands”) and Perswijn; the leading Dutch magazine for wine enthusiasts and professionals.

Wine Regions Event provides 3 possibilities for participants: basic, extended or tailor made. Every participant represents and communicates one wine region, with a minimum of 3 different producers/domaines within that region. This event is not suitable for single producers, so they have to unite to represent one appellation of one region.

Contact us for more information or tailor made proposal.

Deadline for registration: February 1st, 2018


Participating wine regions

On the 14th of March 12 wine regions will present their wines at Amstel Boathouse Amsterdam. Please find below the wine regions and the wineries that subscribed for this first edition of Wine Regions Event:

New York Wines

This region is represented by 6 areas:
Finger Lakes
Hudson River
Lake Champlain
Lake Erie
Long Island
Niagara Escarpment


This region is represented by 6 brands:
Louis m Martini
Rancho Zabaco
Dark Horse
Mac Murray


Monte delle Vigne
Cantine Romagnoli
La Togata
La Salceta
Le Macioche
Umani Ronchi
Vallerosa Bonci

Spain biowine regions

Bodegas Bagordi
Bodegas y Viñedos Sentencia
Canals Munné
Finca Loranque
Gelmer Wines
Robles S.A.
Selección Lucendo S.L.
Solovino S.L. and Viña Ilusión

Pays d’Oc IGP

Domaine Picaro’s
Domaine la Yole
Belles du sud & Montmija
Domaine Bérènas
Domaine Vanho

Cradle of Wine

This region is represented by four countries:


Chateau Kalpak


Michel Léon

The Netherlands

Wijnboederij ’t Heekenbroek
Betuws Wijndomein
Wijndomein de Planck


Seewinkelhof Salz
Weingut Strehn
Weingut Lentsch
Weingut Keringer


Domaine de la Ville
Nouveau Salquenen AG

Ribera del Duero

Bodegas Pingon
Dominio de Bornos
Hispano bodegas
La Luz Del Duero
Bodega Matarromera
Vega Real
Arzuaga Navarro

Next to the wine regions there will be an area with wine related companies presenting their product. In this area you will find:

XI Wine systems



10.00 hrs
Coffee and tea for exhibitors

10.30 hrs
General briefing “The Dutch wine buying landscape” for exhibitors

11.00 hrs
Opening for wine professionals

11.30 hrs
Starting tastings and workshops, max. 45 minutes

17.00 hrs
End of professional session

Workshops possibilities in separate rooms:
Vertical tastings, workshop by winemaker or Master of Wine, Food pairings, Local (top) chef demo with wine pairing or any other…


During the day there will be given several masterclasses for our visitors. Here you will find the wine regions who will organize the masterclass.

11:30 – 12:15 Suprising wines from Alpe Adria!
During the masterclass Surprising wines from Alpe Adria we will discuss the trends in wine production and wine consumptions. We taste different wines from this region which are pleasant for every kind of day. The wines are lower in alcohol and contains less sulfite. All grapes are hand-picked and the wines organic and made with personality.

12:45 – 13:30 Turkey meets the world!
Turkey, cradle of wine valley Mesopotamia. Where it al began.

Wine country Turkey, explore ultra ancient and modern wines! Surprising world quality from indiginous and world variety grapes. Narince & Chardonnay white.. Kalecik Karası & Cabernet Sauvignon red.. Turkish winemakers combine the qualities of indiginous and world varieties into very professional wines that easily meet the top of the wine world. La Reine Cult Wines proudly welcomes you to her MasterclassTurkey meets The World. UC Davis educated enologist and wine consultant Akın Gürbüz knows it all. He guides winemakers to the world stage, and he will guide you through Turkey. Don't miss this opportunity to add cult wines to your wine list.

14:00 – 14:45 Masterclass Georgië
Telavi Marani Wine Cellar is one of the most succesful wineries of Georgia. You find the vineyards in the heart of the province Kachetië, which is the oldest wine region in the world. Telavi Marani Wine cellars makes modern wines from Georgian grapes and also red and orange wines in big amphorae, so-calles ‘Qvevri’. They export wines over the whole world, among others to the Netherlands.

Zurab Ramazashvili is one of the founding fathers and owners of Telavi Marani Wine Cellar. In this masterclass he tells you about the special history of his winery and about the Georgian grape varieties and terroirs In deze masterclass vertelt hij je over de bijzondere geschiedenis van zijn wijnhuis, en over de Georgische druivenrassen en terroirs, based on a selection of his wines.

15:15 – 16:00 Masterclass Libanon
The Lebanese Beqaa Valley is approximately one kilometre from the border of Lebanon and Syria. In the nineteenth century French monks planted French grape varieties here to make wine for their own use. They called it Château Ksara. In 1972 the Château was sold to 4 Lebanese families. Nowadays is Château Ksara together with Château Musar the most successful wine producer of Lebanon. In this masterclass Elie Maamari tells you everything about Lebanese wine and the terroir of the Bekaa Vallei based on a selection of his wines. His wines are available at the Dutch market.

16:30 – 17:15 Croatian wines
The masterclass Croatian wines will show you the most beautiful wines of Croatia. The three most important regions of the country will be explained. In the north-west grapes grow in a temperate climate. In the east of Croatia there are completely grapes planted due to the continental climate. Along the Dalmatian coast you find surprising primeval grape

The masterclass Croatian wines will show you the most beautiful wines of Croatia. The three most important regions of the country will be explained. In the north-west grapes grow in a temperate climate. In the east of Croatia there are completely grapes planted due to the continental climate. Along the Dalmatian coast you find surprising primeval grapes.



The Amstel Boathouse distinguishes itself as a high class contemporary event centre with many possibilities in different spaces, the convenient access and the ideal location. Uniquely situated on the river the Amstel, this pearl surely lies just outside of the busyness of the city centre.

The venue is 15 minutes from centre Amsterdam, offering parking facilities and easy access from main highways. Seven different but large event and tasting rooms with a maximum of 1000 persons.



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